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Olive   Kitteridge
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Strout, Elizabeth

Olive Kitteridge / Elizabeth Strout

[S.l.] : Simon & Schuster, 2011

Abstract: Pulitzer Prize for Fiction 2009. At times stern, at other times patient, at times perceptive, at other times in sad denial, Olive Kitteridge, a retired schoolteacher, deplores the changes in her little town of Crosby, Maine, and in the world at large, but she doesn't always recognize the changes in those around her: a lounge musician haunted by a past romance; a former student who has lost the will to live; Olive's own adult child, who feels tyrannized by her irrational sensitivities; and her husband, Henry, who finds his loyalty to his marriage both a blessing and a curse.

The angel Esmeralda
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DeLillo, Don

The angel Esmeralda : nine stories / Don DeLillo

London : Picador, 2011

Abstract: In The Angel Esmeralda, DeLillo finds the freedom to represent the wide range of human experience in contemporary America and forces us to confront the uncomfortable shadows lurking in the background. His characters are exposed to their own deep, often unconscious, longings: one man exploits the vulnerability of a woman he's just met, following her home to her apartment and pushing her too far; another finds himself deceiving his wife and beginning an affair. They are subjected to shocking violations, unexpected acts of terror: a woman lives in constant fear of the earthquakes happening all around her; people bear witness to the mysterious abduction of a child from a small park by a stranger. No matter whether he is focused upon the slums of New York or astronauts in orbit around the Earth, DeLillo chooses not to turn away from the unsettling manner in which humans are often brought together, or the disquieting truth behind their emotional interactions. DeLillo's world is a timeless present, eerily perceptive and prophetic, in which he creates powerful stories of lust and obsession, of loss and remorse, of grief and ecstasy. For those unfamiliar with his work, this intense and articulate collection offers a wonderful introduction to one of America's greatest living writers. For those already acquainted, it will be a thrilling and significant addition.

Ethan Frome & other stories
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Wharton, Edith

Ethan Frome & other stories / Edith Wharton

London : Arcturus, 2011

Abstract: Classic fiction. Ethan Frome works his unproductive farm and struggles to maintain a bearable existence with his difficult, suspicious, and hypochondriac wife, Zeenie. But when Zeenie's vivacious cousin enters their household as a "hired girl," Ethan finds himself obsessed with her and with the possibilities for happiness she comes to represent. In one of American fiction's finest and most intense narratives, Edith Wharton moves this ill-starred trio toward their tragic destinies. Different in both tone and theme from Wharton's other works, Ethan Frome has become perhaps her most enduring and most widely read novel.

Tales of mystery and imagination
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Poe, Edgar Allan

Tales of mystery and imagination / Edgar Alla Poe

London : Harper Press, 2011

Collins Classics

Abstract: HarperCollins is proud to present its new range of best-loved, essential classics. 'Yet I am not more sure that my soul lives, than I am that perverseness is one of the primitive impulses of the human heart -- one of the indivisible primary faculties, or sentiments, which gives direction to the character of Man.' Including Poe's most terrifying, grotesque and haunting short stories, Tales of Mystery and Imagination is the ultimate collection of the infamous author's macabre works. Considered to be one of the earliest American writers to encapsulate the genre of detective-fiction, the collection features some of his most popular tales.'The Gold-Bug' is the only tale that was popular in his lifetime, whereas 'The Black Cat', 'The Pit and the Pendulum' and 'The Murders in the Rue Morgue' became more widely read after his death. Focussing on the internal conflict of individuals, the power of the dead over the living, and psychological explorations of darker human emotion that appear to anticipate Sigmund Freud's later theories on the psyche, Poe's Gothic terror stories are considered masterpieces the world over.

Maigret à Paris
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Simenon, Georges

Maigret à Paris / Georges Simenon

[Paris] : Presses de la cité, 2011

ˆLe ‰livre de poche ; 32332

Concerto à la mémoire d'un ange
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Concerto à la mémoire d'un ange / Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Paris : LGF, 2011

Le Livre de poche ; 32344

Abstract: Quel rapport entre une femme qui empoisonne ses maris successifs et un président de la République amoureux ? Quel lien entre un simple marin et un escroc international qui vend des bondieuseries usinées en Chine ? Par quel miracle une image de sainte Rita, patronne des causes désespérées, devient-elle le guide mystérieux de leurs existences ? Quatre histoires liées entre elles. Quatre histoires qui traversent l'ordinaire et l'extraordinaire de toute vie. Quatre histoires qui creusent cette question : sommes-nous libres ou subissons-nous un destin ? Pouvons-nous changer ? Concerto à la mémoire d'un ange est suivi du Journal tenu par Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt durant l'écriture.

The New  York   trilogy
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The New York trilogy : City of glass, Ghosts, The locked room / Paul Auster

London : Faber and Faber, 2011