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Elvis on Tour
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Videoregistrazioni: DVD

Presley, Elvis

Elvis on Tour / Elvis Presley ; regia: Pierre Adidge, Robert Abel

[S.l.] : Warner Home Video, 2010

Abstract: Documentario dei concerti di Elvis tenuti nell'anno 1972. Semplicemente strepitoso!

Elvis   lives
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Videoregistrazioni: DVD

Presley, Elvis

Elvis lives : the 25th anniversary concert : live from Memphis

[S.l.] : Coming home music EMI, c2006

Abstract: the DVD features full-screen footage of Elvis - it is NOT Elvis projected on a screen. Elvis' image is shown on the projected screens during the concert, but on the DVD it appears on your tv as full-screen Elvis performance footage. 25th Anniversary Concert that reunites Elvis with his original band and backup singers for a unique concert event --Total Running Time: 119 Minutes (89 minutes of concert footage plus 30 minutes of extended interviews) --Full-screen shots of Elvis and masterful video editing make it seem like Elvis is really performing throughout the concert --27 of Elvis' most popular songs and performances --Originally recorded in Memphis and has since toured in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Japan, and the U.K. --Sub-titled menu selection in multiple languages including Dutch, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish