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Am fost cândva femeie de onoare și alte povestiri
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Paraschivescu, Radu

Am fost cândva femeie de onoare și alte povestiri / Radu Paraschivescu

Bucuresti : Humanitas, 2017

Abstract: O plimbare pe intuneric, la cinci dimineata, printr-o padure populata, zice-se, de mistreti. O conferinta internationala cu doua sute de femei si un singur barbat: interpretul. Un meniu frantuzesc intr-un oras populat de romani, germani, maghiari si sarbi. O idila cu o actrita pentru care rolul vietii este scoaterea partenerului din minti. O carte postala despre...

Peter Pan
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Barrie, James Matthew

Peter Pan ; Peter Pan in Kensington gardens / James Matthew Barrie

[S.l.] : Arcturus, 2017

Abstract: Due romanzi: La storia di "Peter Pan nei Giardini di Kensington" racconta dell'Isola degli Uccelli, dove nascono bambini per metà uccelli e per metà umani. Appena sua madre lascia accidentalmente aperta una finestra, Peter riesce a volare via e si trasferisce nei Giardini di Kensington. Da lì inizia il suo ricco intreccio tra fate e bambini, tra mondo concreto e fantasia. Nel romanzo di "Peter e Wendy" la loro conoscenza nasce in una notte in cui la signora Darling, madre di Wendy e altri due fratellini, racconta la favola della buonanotte, e Peter ascoltandola di nascosto perde la sua ombra, cercando di recuperarla; sbadatamente sveglia Wendy, che ancora bambina si sente ricevere un invito di fare da madre adottiva ai ragazzi della sua banda, i Bambini Perduti sull'Isola-che-non-c'è. Wendy decide di concedersi questa avventura ma ben presto si accorge che le manca la vita reale, infatti dopo diverse peripezie, tra cui la conoscenza di Capitan Uncino, il pirata selvaggio, e altre avventure riesce finalmente a tornare a casa, dalla propria famiglia. Il lieto fine sarà dei Bambini Perduti che verranno adottati dai Darling, mentre Peter Pan decide di rimanere nell'Isola-che-non-c'è. Età di lettura: da 8 anni.

The mistletoe murder
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The mistletoe murder : and other stories / P. D. James

[New York] : Knopf, 2016

Abstract: Four Christmas short stories, two featuring poet-detective Adam Dalgliesh, that deal with some of the most unsettling aspects of human nature. Previously published in newspapers and magazines, they are collected here for the first time.

On heroes, lizards and passion
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Ellis, Zoila

On heroes, lizards and passion : seven Belizean short stories / Zoila Ellis

Benque Viejo del Carmen : Cubola Productions, 2015

Abstract: "Seven short stories vividly depicting different facets of Belize's reality. From the country's rural areas to New York City, we accompany Belizean women and men as they go through the joys and hardships of life. Zoila Ellis demonstrates a definite ability to perceive and reproduce situations and characters, heightening the emotional impact of everyday events and rendering them into fine literature"--Page [4] of cover.

Мені б хотілось, щоби хтось мене десь чекав [Meni b khotilosʹ, shchoby khtosʹ mene desʹ chekav]
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Мені б хотілось, щоби хтось мене десь чекав [Meni b khotilosʹ, shchoby khtosʹ mene desʹ chekav] / Anna Havalʹda ; z frant︠s︡uzʹkoï pereklala I︠E︡vhenii︠a︡ Kononenko

Lʹviv : Vydavnyt︠s︡tvo Staroho Leva, 2015

Maigret et l'au-dela
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Simenon, Georges

Maigret et l'au-dela / Georges Simenon

Parigi : Librairie generale francaise, 2014

Le Livre de Poche ; 33372

Abstract: L'Ombre chinoise (1932) : Au fond de la cour d'un immeuble parisien qui donne sur la place des Vosges, Raymond Couchet, directeur d'un laboratoire, est assassinò, son coffre-fort, vidé. Parmi « ses trois femmes » -Juliette, Germaine et Nine -, laquelle est la meurtrière ? A moins que ce soit Roger, son fils, qui vit d'expédients et lui emprunte souvent de l'argent ? Le Fou de Bergerac (1932) : Quand Maigret reprend conscience à l'hòpital de Bergerac, il a du mal à recon- naìtre les visages de ceux qui l'entourent. La veille, dans l'express de Bordeaux, l'homme qui partageait son compartiment avait profité d'un ralentissement pour sauter hors du train, et le commissaire l'avait suivi avant de recevoir une balle dans l'épaule. Entre meurtres, suicides et coups de feu, l'au-delà aura rarement autant hanté le cèlebre commissaire...

حاصل محبّت [Hasil-e-muhabbat]
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Malik, Liyāqat ʻAlī

حاصل محبّت [Hasil-e-muhabbat] / Kepṭan (R) Liyāqat ʻAlī Malik

Lahore : Sang-e-Meel, 2014

The Divergent trilogy
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Roth, Veronica

The Divergent trilogy / Veronica Roth

[S.l.] : HarperCollins Children's Books, 2014

Abstract: No. 1 New York Times bestsellers DIVERGENT, INSURGENT and ALLEGIANT in collector's trilogy set. DIVERGENT - a major motion picture in 2014. Divergent: In the world of Divergent, society is divided into five factions and all are forced to choose where they belong. The choice Beatrice Prior makes shocks everyone, including herself. Once decisions are made faction members are forced to undergo extreme initiation tests with devastating consequences. Tris must determine who her friends are - and whether the man who both threatens and protects her is really on her side. Because Tris has a deadly secret. As growing conflict threatens to unravel their seemingly perfect society, this secret might save those Tris loves...or it might destroy her. Insurgent: One choice can transform you - or it can destroy you. Tris Prior's initiation day should have been marked by celebrations; instead it ended with unspeakable horrors. Now unrest surges in the factions around her as conflict between their ideologies grows. In times of war sides must be chosen and secrets will emerge. Tris has already paid a terrible price for survival and is wracked by haunting guilt. But radical new discoveries and shifting relationships mean that she must fully embrace her Divergence - even though she stands to lose everything...Allegiant: The faction-based society that Tris once believed in is shattered - fractured by violence and power struggles and scarred by loss and betrayal. So when offered a chance to explore the world past the limits she's known, Tris is ready. Perhaps beyond the fence, she will find a simple new life, free from complicated lies, tangled loyalties and painful memories. But Tris's new reality is even more alarming than the one she left behind. And once again, Tris must battle to comprehend the complexities of human nature - and of herself - while facing impossible choices about courage, allegiance, sacrifice and love.

Golden Hearts
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Roberts, Nora

Golden Hearts / Nora Roberts

Hamburg : Harlequin Enterprises 2014

Mira-Taschenbuch ; 25743

Abstract: 1) Liebe ohne Grenzen: Majestätische Berge, blauer Himmel und eine grenzenlose Weite – Wyoming ist wunderschön. Dennoch hat Samantha nicht die Absicht, hier zu bleiben. Bis sie den umwerfenden Rancher Jack Tanner kennenlernt. In seinen Armen erlebt sie romantische Stunden. Und plötzlich erscheint es ihr nicht mehr so reizvoll wieder abzureisen. Da erfährt sie die Wahrheit über Jack, und eine Welt bricht für sie zusammen … 2) Wo mein Herz wohnt: Geh, wohin dein Herz dich trägt! Jillian Baron folgt dem Ruf und kehrt nach Montana zurück. Dieses Fleckchen Erde ist für sie das Paradies. Nur die alte Fehde zwischen den Barons und ihren Nachbarn, den Murdocks, trübt die Idylle. Aaron Murdock, ein sexy Macho, hält Jillian für eine unverbesserliche Stadtpflanze. Mit verführerischen Mitteln will sie Aaron eines Besseren belehren!

Povestiri de iarna
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Libri Moderni

Blixen, Karen

Povestiri de iarna / Karen Blixen; traducere din daneza de Ioana A. Manolescu

Bucaresti : Humanitas, 2014

Тут могла б бути Ваша реклама
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Zabuzko, Oksana

Тут могла б бути Ваша реклама : збірка [Tut mohla b buty Vasha reklama : zbirka] / Oksana Zabuzko

Kharkiv : Klub simeĭnoho dozvilli︠a︡, 2014

Механічне яйце
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Nazarenko, Volodymyr

Механічне яйце : новели [Mekhanichne i︠a︡ĭt︠s︡e : novely] / Volodymyr Nazarenko

Lʹviv : LA "Piramida", 2014

Pryvatna kolekt︠s︡ii︠a︡

La rue aux trois poussins
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Simenon, Georges

La rue aux trois poussins : nouvelles / Georges Simenon

[Paris] : Librairie générale français, 2014

Le Livre de Poche ; 33329

Abstract: Il y a un quart d’heure à peine que Mme Romond, la grosse toujours en négligé, a lavé son seuil de deux marches et sa portion de trottoir. Si bien que devant sa maison il y a un rectangle bien dessiné de pavés qui paraissent noirs et qui reluisent. La semaine passée, l’agent de police est allé de maison en maison pour rappeler aux gens qu’ils devaient arracher l’herbe entre les pavés et, pendant toute une journée, on a entendu le crissement des couteaux sur la pierre.

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Libri Moderni

Allende, Isabel

Amor / Isabel Allende

Barcelona : Debolsillo, 2013

شکسته ستون پر دھوپ
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Hosain, Attia

شکسته ستون پر دھوپ : ناول [Shakastah sutūn par dhūp : nāvil] / ʻAt̤iyah Ḥusain ; tarjumah, Intiz̤ār Ḥusain

Lahore : Sang-e-Meel, 2013

Jocul celor o sută de frunze şi alte povestiri
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Vosganian, Varujan

Jocul celor o sută de frunze şi alte povestiri / Varujan Vosganian

Iaşi : Polirom, 2013

Fiction Ltd

Monstrul Colombre si alte cincizeci de povestiri
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Buzzati, Dino

Monstrul Colombre si alte cincizeci de povestiri / Dino Buzzati ; traducere de Florin si Mara Chiritescu

Iaşi : Polirom, 2013

Dear life
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MUNRO, Alice

Dear life : stories / Alice Munro

[New York] : Vintage, 2013

Abstract: WINNER OF THE NOBEL PRIZE® IN LITERATURE 2013 A New York Times Notable Book A Washington Post Notable Work of Fiction A Best Book of the Year: The Atlantic, NPR, San Francisco Chronicle, Vogue, AV Club In story after story in this brilliant new collection, Alice Munro pinpoints the moment a person is forever altered by a chance encounter, an action not taken, or a simple twist of fate. Her characters are flawed and fully human: a soldier returning from war and avoiding his fiancée, a wealthy woman deciding whether to confront a blackmailer, an adulterous mother and her neglected children, a guilt-ridden father, a young teacher jilted by her employer. Illum...

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Ashfāq Aḥmad

گڈريا : اجلے پھول [Gaḍaryā : Ujle phūl] / Ashfāq Aḥmad

Lahore : Sang-e-Meel, 2012

Le papa de Simon
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Maupassant, Guy : de

Le papa de Simon : et autres nouvelles / Maupassant; présentation, notes, chronologie et dossier par Nadine Satiat, ...

[Paris] : Flammarion, 2012

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