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A cross  the universe
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Videoregistrazioni: DVD

Justice <gruppo musicale>

A cross the universe : a documentary / by Romain Gavras, So-Me &amp; Justice

[Francia] : Ed Banger records Because music, [2008]

Abstract: A Cross the Universe is a live album and documentary film by Justice, released in 2008. Its title is a reference to the John Lennon-penned Beatles song "Across the Universe" released in 1969, and the band's own album †.(Wikipeida)

77 Million Paintings By Brian Eno
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Videoregistrazioni: DVD

ENO, Brian

77 Million Paintings By Brian Eno / Brian Eno

[S.l.] : Audioglobe, 2008

Abstract: "77 Million Paintings" rappresenta un livello evolutivo nell'esplorazione di Brian Eno della luce come medium e delle possibilità estetiche dei "software generativi". Questa piece utilizza la capacità di un computer come processore generante in grado di produrre composti visivi sempre originali mettendo in relazione una grande quantità di elementi pittorici.

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Videoregistrazioni: DVD


Go : the very best of Moby

[London] : Mute records, c2006

Abstract: I bought the '18' DVD almost on a whim, it being cheap in a sale, and was simply blown away. I've since gotten Moby's other DVD's, 'Play the DVD' and 'Moby Live - The Hotel Tour', which are also both excellent. It was the live material that initally got me hooked, especially the amazing Glastonbury set on 18, so I started to look further, discovered his quirky videos, remixes and wealth of bonus features and generally had a greater appreciation of the man. I've been into Moby's music since the early 90's, but didn't have any idea what he was like visually as an artist, or even in person.