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Le concert spirituel
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Disco (CD)

CORELLI, Arcangelo - Telemann, Georg Philipp - Rameau, Jean Philippe

Le concert spirituel : au temps de Louis 15. / Corelli ; Telemann ; Rameau ; Le Concert des Nations ; Jordi Savall

[Bellaterra] : Alia Vox, [2010]

Abstract: The 'Concert spirituel' was one of the first public concert series in existence, running in Paris from 1725 to 1790.The series was founded to provide entertainment during religious holidays when the other spectacles (the Paris Opera,Comedie-Francaise, and Comedie-Italienne) were closed. The programs featured a mixture of sacred choral works and virtuosic instrumental pieces, and for many years took place in a magnificently decorated Salle des Cent Suisses (Hall of the HundredSwiss Guards) in the Tuileries Palace. Jordi Savall brings these magnificent evenings back to life, thanks to an imaginary 'concert sprituel' program featuring three major composers from three major European countries: Corelli, Telemann and Rameau. The varied instrumental formations highlight flute, viola da gamba and strings.