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Glenn Gould plays Bach
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Videoregistrazioni: DVD

GOULD, Glenn

Glenn Gould plays Bach / directed by Bruno Monsaingeon

[New York] ; Sony music entertainment, 2012

Notes interdites: The Red Baton
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Videoregistrazioni: DVD

Notes interdites: The Red Baton ; Gennadi Rozhdestvensky : conductor or conjuror? / two film by Bruno Monsaingeon

[S.l.] : Ideal Audience, 2008

Abstract: Scene di vita musicale nella Russia stalinista

Glenn   Gould
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Videoregistrazioni: DVD

Glenn Gould : hereafter / a film by Bruno Monsaingeon

[S.l.] : Ideale Audience International, 2006

Abstract: A retrospective of the life and work of Glenn Gould, 'Hereafter' synthesizes an incredible wealth of archival material from various sources, some of it previously unreleased. Made as if narrated by Gould himself, 'Hereafter' is a landmark in filmmaking as well as a fantastic window opened to the world of one of music's true geniuses, whose magic touches us from beyond the grave. 'Hereafter' includes performances of Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert, Chopin, Weber, Prokofiev, Hindemith and more.