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China  in  Africa
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Alden, Chris

China in Africa

London [etc.] : Zed books, 2007

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Abstract: Nowhere in the world is China's rapid rise to power more evident than in Africa. From multi-billion dollar investments in oil and minerals to the influx of thousands of merchants, laborers and cheap consumer goods, China's economic and political reach is redefining Africa's traditional ties with the international community. This book investigates the emerging relationship between China and Africa to determine whether this engagement will be that of a development partner, economic competitor or new hegemony. Alden argues that in order to understand Chinese involvement on the continent, we need to recognize the range of economic, diplomatic and security rationales behind Beijing's Africa policy as well as the response of African elites to China's entreaties. Only then can the new challenges and opportunities for Africa and the West be accurately assessed.

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Saggio interessante (ma un po' datato) sull'espansione economica della Cina in Africa. I protagonisti non sono soltanto colossi multinazionali, ma anche singoli imprenditori e negozianti. Quali sono le strategie impiegate? Quali le ripercussioni a livello locale e globale? L'Occidente sta sottovalutando la questione?

Lo stile è accademico ma accessibile anche ai non specialisti (ovviamente è richiesta una padronanza almeno intermedia dell'inglese).

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